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Title:GEO Liquid for Glodfish and Koi
Spec:500ml /1000ml
Introduction:Geo Liquid is a water conditioner made from an extremely complex blend of natural minerals.It creates ideal water conditions simply by being added to the tank.It creates an ideal stable balance of trace elements and minerals in the water by either adding minerals and trace elements, or absorbing them as needed.2.It bonds onto, and permanently removes almost all chemical contaminants and residues from the water, including Medication Residues, Heavy Metals, Pesticides, Chlorine, Chloramines, and a wide range of toxins that can adversely affect the essential bacteria, invertebrates, fish, and other inhabitants of the tank.

GEO Liquid for Glodfish and Koi

Koi are wonderfully adaptive fish, full of vitality. Even though they prefer PH neutral water, they can still thrive in water with a PH of 8.5. However, goldfish are much less able to adapt to new environments. When the PH exceeds 6.6-7.5, the goldfish quickly become weaker. The most suitable breeding water conditions for them are GH6-7, KH5-6, and PH6.5-7.2.

GEO LIQUID contains natural enzymes which are especially good for dealing with protein colloid. It greatly reduces unpleasant smells and increases resistance to white-spot, fin rot, and other diseases. In addition, it is rich in nutrition, has good effect on promoting bacteria breeding, strengthening biofiltration, preventing water quality worsening and enhancing color.

GEO LIQUID makes it easy to keep fish and reduces the need for frequent water changes.



Minimum dosage is 1ml per 10 liters. More is ok. Generous usage will do no harm, and is even btter.


Before using GEO LIQUID it is important to make sure all the sediment at the bottom of the bottle is mixed into suspension. So shake the bottle vigorously before using.

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