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Title:GEO Liquid for African Cichlids
Spec:500ml /1000ml
Introduction:Geo Liquid is a water conditioner made from an extremely complex blend of natural minerals. It creates ideal water conditions simply by being added to the tank.

GEO Liquid for African Cichlids

This GEO LIQUID is especially developed for the African Cichlid fish form the lakes of the African Rift Valley.  

The natural water conditions in this area are around GH 7-11, KH 16-18, PH 8.6-9.2, GH 4-6 and KH 6-8. Water here has and even higher PH than sea water. Because the water has such a high mineral and Oxygen content, the water is extremely clear, with visibility in excess of 40m.  

GEO LIQUID creates the ideal stable conditions needed to maximize these special fish’s colors, and to stimulate spawning. GEO LIUQUID supplies the suitable GH/KH, increase the dissolved oxygen in water, boost their immunity and strengthen their metabolism.


GEO Liquid can adjust all the different water quality parameters. Makes water crystal clear.

Adds essential minerals.

PH buffering management.

Revitalize the bacteria culture.

Removes contaminants.

Geo Liquid is completely natural, and contains no man-made chemicals.



1ml per 10 litres. More is ok. Generous usage will do no harm, and is even better.


Shake the bottle vigorously before using.



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